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What to Wear

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Choosing what to wear for a regular day can be a challenge, at least it is for me, so I understand there can be some concern and uncertainty when choosing what to wear for your photo session. Here I’ll give you a basic set of rules to help you in selecting your wardrobe.

The Rules:

  1. No matchy-matchy – Okay, if you have identical twins in your family then it works, but really when was the last time you went out wearing the exact same outfit as your spouse or your kids? You’re choosing clothes to look your best in photos you will share and look back on for years and years. Save the matching for the next 49er Superbowl game.
  2. Coordinate – Choose colors and patterns the compliment each other and don’t clash. When I was in first grade I insisted on choosing my own clothes and ended up going to school wearing pink flowery pants and a black and white polka dot top. (can you picture it?) So, think of how each persons outfit compliments each other and be aware of the clash!
  3. No logos or wording – I know you’re still excited about seeing your favorite band, Earth, Wind, and Fire, in concert last week, but let’s stick to this rule and leave the concert tee-shirt (World Series, latest Apple gadget, most popular store, etc..) out of the photo shoot. Let’s go for timeless instead of dated.
  4. Color – Yes please! – Don’t be afraid of color. Choose 3-4 coordinating colors and stick to that color palette when choosing your wardrobe.
  5. Layers & Texture – Suede, leather, silk, knit really add texture to photos. So, consider adding a jacket, sweater, vest, or scarf to your outfit. Bonus is you can ditch it mid-shoot and have a whole new look without changing clothes!
  6. Shoes & Accessories – Don’t forget the details! Get coordinating jewelry, hair clips or bows for girls, and make sure your shoes are clean and compliment the outfit. Oh, and socks too!
  7. Make-up – Ladies, don’t forget your make-up! If you’re not used to wearing make-up or are a little stuck in a rut (as I often am with make-up) consider having your make-up professionally done. I know, you’re thinking that’s just going over board. But, let me say that it can really make all the difference in your photos and I highly recommend it. Even some added eyelashes too. Just don’t got overboard on the lashes. These are family photos so no need for Vegas show girl flashy lashes, unless that what you usually wear of course! Just be yourself with a little extra.
  8. Hair – Plan to bring what ever you need for touch-ups with you. If you need to brush your hair between poses bring a brush. If you think your hair might suddenly get frizzy, then bring your anti-frizz magic in a bottle with you. And last, but certainly not least…. if you color your hair or cover that grey make sure you get your hair done a few days to a week before. I know you don’t want to look at your gorgeous family photos and have 2 inches of outgrowth be the only thing you can see.
  9. ¬†Grooming – I know this seems like a no-brainer, but I have to mention it anyway so we don’t leave out any details. Trim your nails, make sure your polish color is coordinated and isn’t chipped. If you’re going barefoot at all or wearing open toe shoes make sure your feet are done too.
  10. Back to the clothes – Before getting dressed be sure to to take an iron to your clothes and get those wrinkles out.

Happy shopping and if you need more inspiration go check out my what-to-wear boards on pinterest. (links in the menu above)