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Beautiful Mama-to-be! | Livermore Maternity Photographer

I’m a little behind on blogging but now that the holidays are over I’m going to do my best to catch up. First up… An outdoor maternity shoot which took place in Livermore, CA.

Had the best time photographing my friend Tammy for her maternity photo session. I had a vision and she was up for anything I asked of her. At over 8 months pregnant she willingly hiked over a mile to a location I had spotted a few weeks prior. Then wrapped up in a bright pink fabric and walked into a pond. Now it might not sound like too big of a deal, but this didn’t happen in the summer. She went into the water on a November evening. The water was COLD and she never complained once.

We did a quick outfit change into her husbands fireman jacket and the evening reflection off the water was perfect. We were having a great time until a rustling sound in the bush spooked us. No idea what it was that was lurking near by, but glad we were in California and not Florida if you know what I’m saying. Just as we were finishing up in the water a horse was coming by to cross the pond. I just love this location.

The sun was setting fast at this point but I still wanted to get a few more shots. Tammy quick changed into a dress and sexy strappy heels and strutted down a gravel path. The trees lining both sides of the path  made a perfect canopy overhead. We’re so lucky to live in the San Francisco Bay Area where wading in ponds and  strolls down paths at sunset in shorts and flip-flops is comfortable.

The shoot could not have ended better. An amazing silhouette shot with a perfect red lens flare circle highlighting her baby belly. We checked it out on the back of my camera in the moment.

Since this is a catch up post I can add that Tammy’s happy and healthy newborn baby girl arrived on schedule just a little more than four weeks after these photos were taken. She’s a doll!


Maria D’Aura – Livermore Maternity Photographer

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