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Livermore Mom Photographer
I had the pleasure of being the Livermore Moms Photographer for the annual pumpkin patch event. If you’re a mom living in Livermore, or the surrounding area, and haven’t joined Livermore Moms yet I highly recommend you consider it. The mommy run club full of fun social activities for moms, kids and the whole family. From playgroups, monthly socials, annual events, wine club, working moms clubs, fitness clubs, and more. There really is something for everyone. 

Livermore Moms Photographer

The pumpkin patch event this year was held at the infamous Joan’s Farm Pumpkin Patch located in the Livermore wine country. Joan’s Farm is fabulous! Upon entering the pumpkin patch you are first greeted by the farm equipment museum, which incidentally served as our perfect backdrop for this years family photos.

Joans Farm Pumpkin Patch

Walk out past the museum through a large patch of mini pumpkins. They’re adorable and if you have toddlers they will LOVE being able to pickup pumpkins just their size. Just beyond the mini pumpkins is a toddler paradise playground. Playground animals to ride, a diy roller coaster, and a large tunnel to run through. After playing in this are head on over to the snack shake for some shaved ice or a slice of pumpkin pie.

Fall Family Photo

Livermore Children Photographer

Don’t miss out on the many photo ops at Joan’s Farm. Stacks for hay, wooden trains, scare crow cut outs, and even a perfect place to see if your little has grown any since last year. There’s the maze, the corn fields, the train and the old ghost town. Bring some quarters to buy feed for the goats and on the weekends there’s extra fun with pony rides and face painting!

Livermore Pumpkin Patch Photographer

Joan’s Farm is the ideal setting to have your annual Fall family photo taken. It’s one of my favorite spots every October in Livermore and we visit it several times during the season just for fun. If you would like to have your trip to Joan’s Farm documented with professional photography don’t hesitate to give me a call and setup a session! No doubt you’ll have gorgeous photos of  your family making unforgettable memories.

Outdoor Livermore Family Photographer



Motorcycle | Rancho San Antonio | Los Altos Photographer

Had a great Father’s Day with my dad …and my camera. I’ve been wanting to do a shoot with him on his motorcycle. Couldn’t quite envision how it would work, or rather where it would work, when out of no where the location came to me.

I hoped that the spot I wanted to shoot in would be fairly empty and we got really, REALLY, lucky. The area was crowded with hikers and miniature airplane flyers (sorry, don’t know what they’re really called) but the spot I wanted and the space I needed was perfectly empty. hmmm, now that I think of it maybe the others were worried a plane would take a crash landing in that spot?

As you can see my mom and kids couldn’t be left out. My son is just 18 months and has only a few words at this point, but after Grandpa let him play with all the buttons and switches on his motorcycle he quickly started screaming out “Pa-Pop”! As I was editing this video he’d yell out “Pa-Pop” and start laughing every time he saw grandpa in a picture. Too cute!



Trike Motorcycle


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A Family Reunion | Pleasanton Photographer


Had a last minute shoot for a family that was getting together for a little reunion. I didn’t know what to expect when I heard the location was a corporate office plaza in Pleasanton. It turned out to be a great location! Lush green lawns, full trees, a little stage area with stepped ampitheater style hillside, a rock water feature, and a crisp clear pond of water in the center of all this. Beautiful location.

My favorite photo from the session is of all the grandkids with grandma and grandpa. Love it! Here’s that one and a few of my other favorites.

Grandpa, Grandma and all the grandkids.

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